What Are The Secrets Of a Well Executed Sales Page

What Are The Secrets Of a Well Executed Sales Page

In online marketing highly converting sales and landing pages play a crucial role when it comes to selling your products or services and are a very important tool for your online marketing success. Their main purpose is to bring you leads, sales and to convince your ideal clients that the services or digital products you’re selling are them are irresistible.

There are a few types of sales pages, as well as landing pages, but I would like to focus only on sales pages that main purpose is to make your customers buy a service or a product from you.

By a ‘sales page’ I mean pages that your customers have no other chance, but to say: ‘Yes, I want it!’ to your offerings, whether it’s a course you’re selling, packages of your excellent service or simply you want your customer to make a certain decision.

During my years of experience as a successful sales person in a highly demanding scientific and commercial environment for one the leading publishers in the world, I learned that you need not only an excellent offer, but most importantly you need to get to the customer’s heart. At the end of the day, you sell experience, solution and you answer the burning problem of your customer.  They buy from you if they know, trust and like you. To get to your customer’s heart you need a good combination of persuasion and communication with your clients. A well written sales page will help you to achieve it.

Before you even start creating your seductive sales page, you will need to start with the most important ingredients of all: to know your niche and ideal customer thoroughly. Don’t really focus on what this ideal person looks like. I know, everyone wants you to have an avatar of your ideal client, but instead what you really need to focus on, is their beliefs, desires, pains. Only when you know it, you can start writing a GREAT sales page. Let’s take a look now at some tips that will help you to craft a highly converted sales page.


Tips on how to write a seductive sales page


1. Headline. Start with an irresistible headline that will catch the attention and imagination of your reader. This first impression might be your ‘make it or break it’ point.

2. Testimonials. Use testimonials throughout your copy. By using them you not only giving a sales pitch, but also prove your credibility. It shows your potential buyers that your service or product is trustworthy and shows benefits of your offer. If possible, choose the notes from your clients that show your audience that your product could really make a difference in their lives.

3. Bonuses. Give some bonuses on the top of your products. We all love bonuses, right? So no brainer here.

4. Include your own experience. Stories from your own experience help you to build interest in your offer and give your reader a special credibility.

5. Include some images that break up your story. Images, graphics and video help you to provide the connection with your clients. We are all visual in the end. If you show your product, the customer might imagine that is already having it in her hand and has emotional attachment to it.

6. Offer a guarantee to your customers. A strong guarantee that your offer brings results to the problem you are offering to solve in the end of your sales page. Think here about providing money back guarantee if someone is not satisfied with your service or product, or need to cancel it due to some lifetime circumstances, for example. Always include some guidelines so both yourself and the clients are informed.

7. Finish your sales page with a clear ‘Call to action’ button. Clear call to action (CTA button) at the end of your sales page so that your potential customers know exactly what action you want them to take and finalize the sale.


AIDA model – a system in your sale process


Based on the above points, follow a proven AIDA model. It shows you the events that should happen when targeting your market. This proven system stands for gaining customer’s ATTENTION, maintaining an INTEREST, creating a DESIRE to purchase the product or service, and finally creating an urgency for immediate ACTION (it can be a bonus available for a short time or special offer).


Technical aspects of creating a sales page


A sales page should be a page with no header where there is no other action to be taken but only to click on your call to action. Some websites have already an option to create sales page (landing page template) so if you need to make one please check if it’s possible. If your website doesn’t have this option, you can use external software that specialises in sales pages, or add a certain plugin that will help you to execute it. You can also create a separate page without a header using Wix or Squarespace. It all depends on your budget and requirements.




To write good sales copy is a difficult task to do and most of the time you need an experienced person to help you with it or to do it for you. Starting from technical aspects to copywriting the sales page itself. One of the challenges most people experience when it comes to writing great sales copy is that your customers might want it in a different way. Some like it shorter, some longer. Some are visual, some analitical and some are problem-orientated. You cannot please everyone, but knowing your ideal customer from the heart is what makes you know how to get to their heart. You know your worth and you strongly believe in your products. Let your customers believe in you as well.

If you have any further questions, need quidance or a professional to write a sales page for you, please feel free to contact me here.

With love & elegance,


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