“Anna is truly a branding expert with pure class and we can recommend her to anyone seeking branding solutions for their business.”

We were in search of a branding expert to develop a website and design a logo for our new company, and time was of the essence. Thankfully, Anna crossed our path.
Upon hearing our vision, Anna presented us with a range of beautiful creative ideas that resonated with our brand identity. Entrusting her with the task felt like a weight lifted off our shoulders, enabling us to concentrate on launching our business.
Anna is truly a branding expert with pure class and we can recommend her to anyone seeking branding solutions for their business.
Thank you, Anna, for your invaluable help and patience! We are very proud of our website!”

Patricia,  Gezinshuis AmstelFaith, The Netherlands

Sylwia Borowy NeWoman Coaching

“The outcome has always been phenomenal.”

I have worked with Anna on many projects over a few years and the outcome has always been phenomenal.

Anna delivers a high standard of work, is really easy to work with and incredibly helpful.

Anna has been our go to for many design projects including sales pages, social media content and also various landing pages.

Anna has an eye for detail and can easily put together what we need from a design perspective. Highly recommended and such a pleasure to work with every time.

Anna Wallace, A Registered Associate Nutritionist, Founder of TWLA and TWLA Health Coaching Certification, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I keep returning back to Anna’s services as I know I can trust her and that she is so welcoming and accommodating.”

Before working with Anna I knew what I liked in other company’s branding and colour but I was unclear in how to articulate my vision and bring it to life. While working with Anna my confidence has increased, I am more willing to try different things and push myself out of the box. I know if I am stuck that I can turn to Anna.

Anna is honest, kind, listens, professional and delivers with the heart. She is so committed in making sure her client’s voice is being heard and will go the extra mile to make sure the end product is what was visioned if not better. And she will make sure the client is able to make changes on their own once she has completed the product.

What I particularly liked when working with Anna was that she would listen to what I wanted and she created step-by-step videos because she knew I was unsure. Nothing was too much trouble. Anna put my needs first. What surprised me the most was that I didn’t need to be afraid, she would talk through the process with me and leave me feeling more than capable of running the product. I now feel more comfortable and not so afraid.

I keep returning back to Anna’s services as I know I can trust her and that she is so welcoming and accommodating.

Abshiad Zahid,  Founder of Coachwithabs, UK

Sylwia Borowy NeWoman Coaching

“Today, my website perfectly reflects who I am and what is my coaching business about.”

My journey with Anna started when I was wondering how to move my business forward. Anna invited me on the journey with her. After I took her Branding program and after our first consultation, Anna perfectly understood my needs and who I am. She not only completely redesigned my website, but also took all the pictures, and made all the integrations with other softwares. She also designed my landing pages and gave advice about social media marketing.

Today, my website perfectly reflects who I am and what my coaching business is about. I’m proud of my new website and all the systems in place, and I hope that those who need my support and coaching will find me now easier.

Anna has deep knowledge in various fields that every business requires and she continuously learns new things. She is not only an amazing expert, but also a beautiful person. She handles all requests with understanding, grace, enthusiasm, kindness, and patience. She always gives top advice and tips. She is also incredibly creative and solution focused.

For Anna there is nothing that cannot be solved. Anna cares for her clients with open heart and absolute dedication. I strongly recommend her as an international branding and marketing strategist, luxury brand stylist and business advisor.

Sylwia Borowy, Author, Founder of NeWoman Coaching, The Netherlands  | www.NeWomanCoaching.com

 “I am now more confident that I know the right tools to proceed with my brand development.”

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Anna for a consultant to help you build your brand, website, corporate look and feel. Anna’s approach is to the point and gives you tools and tips and tricks, which you can directly put in practice. She will help you to structure your think process and approach your brand / website design in a practical manner.

What positively surprised me the most was that after getting tips from Anna about e.g. tools which can be used for different social media platforms, I was able to start using them the same day, and do until now. I am now more confident that I know the right tools to proceed with my brand development.

Kasia Lauwerijssen – Weglicka, as seen on the Dutch SBS6 TV programme “Designdroom”, Founder of StudioKAA, The Netherlands

“Anna North-Row. This lady has made my brand feel so special.”

Before working with Anna, I was feeling confused on how I should present my brand. I have an interesting business and I was worried that it couldn’t translate into a design when I am so multifaceted. Anna helped me creatively see how to bring all the pieces together. It makes it easier now to design my social media posts and branding websites and brochures.

Anna handled all requests with grace and charm and responded with beautiful re-edits. Stylish and elegant. Prompt and marvellous communication. I loved the ease of file sharing, video demonstrations and Anna’s beautiful nature. It always brought a smile to face receiving her communications.

Anna, I am so happy with all you have done for me. I always feel taken away on a sweet journey when I work with the elements you created for me. Ladies, Anna is so gentle and beautiful, kind and creative. She creates graphic elements so you can create and design your work any way you please and steers you on the path so your brand is cohesive and true.

All that you’ve delivered was sensational, you are gifted. Thank you with all my heart.

Sarah Winerbine, Sarah J’Vine, Australia

“I highly recommend Anna to anyone who would like to develop a luxury brand”

Anna is amazing and has a lot of knowledge in her field. She went into great detail on visual branding and really getting down and defining who my target market is and how to target them. With her support I was able to dig deeper to really define what make my business unique and how to specifically build my business around those things.

I found Anna easy to talk to and she was always happy to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Anna to anyone who would like to develop a luxury brand.

Anna O’Shea, Founder of Elegantly Urban and Designer Nails by Anna O’Shea, Australia

“Anna is the best!”

I just concluded a branding program with Anna North-Row and I highly recommend her services. I learned so much about branding during the program and also had a lot of fun! Anna’s instructional videos and the way the program was organized made everything so much easier.

I now have some a much clearer idea about what my brand stands for and how to represent my brand in my marketing materials. Anna is the best!

Catharine Hay, Founder of Amazing Woman Entrepreneur, USA

“Talk about a huge uplevel!”

Before I took Anna’s course, I was completely lost with how I wanted my branding to go. Well, not completely. I knew I wanted it to be gorgeous, and to somehow – miraculously – align with who I have become since starting my company. But it never occurred to me that I could actually come up with something I would expect to find on my most treasured, biz-crush websites.

I’m just in love with the outcome. Talk about a huge uplevel! Not only that, but I feel closer to myself because I’ve finally nailed down my own style. What a win!

Amanda Grossman, Certified Financial Education Instructor, USA

“I would summarise the experience as excellent.”

Before I joined the Branding program I was unsure about brand identity and target market. Anna helped me to clarify both of those. Anna’s teaching style was very relaxed and empowering. The Facebook group was helpful, videos were great and our one-on-one consultation was priceless. I would summarise the experience as excellent.

If you are looking to build a brand with ease and excellence with wonderful support, this is a program for you!

Dr. Michelle Levitt, USA

“After just two personal branding sessions with Anna, I feel super- confident about the direction of my brand.”

I’m looking forward to working with her shortly to overhaul my brand, and couldn’t have found a better person to work with.

She’s a lovely, talented and friendly lady, with many ideas that will really inspire you and help you to infuse the YOU and your IDEAL CLIENT into your branding.

Can’t wait to get started on my new branding in the New Year!

Sharon Woodcock, Business Coach, UK

“Anna is a very talented lady and is someone I have loved working with!”
She is accessible, really friendly and more importantly very knowledgeable when it comes to brand identity and design.
Anna provided me with valuable tools and tips to improve my social media styling and my overall brand vision. I strongly recommend Anna if you are just unclear about where your business stands, if you are not sure how to target the right audience or simply if you need some help to take your business where YOU want it to be.
Audrey, Founder of ‘Mademoiselle Nature”, The Netherlands

“The whole experience of the Branding program was a pleasure.”

It was a great course. I was able to create my brand board and started producing content easier. I loved all of the feedback I was getting.

I would like to recommend the course to those that want to learn how to be in charge of their brand.

Nevena Zhurkova, Nail Artistry & Education, Canada

“Anna is a true marketing professional”

She consulted me in professionalising my website as part on the marketing strategy of BFF. On top of that, she gave me major valuable insights and tips for various call to actions in my providing services. During the consultation with Anna, I gained clarity and understanding where to put my marketing efforts for a professional online visibility.

Eline Antonia-Binkhuysen, Founder of Bink FORward Fundraising (BFF), The Netherlands

“If you need a branding expert you need to meet Anna North-Row”.

She is open, she listens, understands and provides professional advice. I’m very happy how Anna fine tuned important details on my website. It was also a pleasure working together with her. Many thanks, Anna!

Dr Joanna Krzeslak-Hoogland, Molecular Biologist, Founder of ProBiotic DIGEST, The Netherlands

“The consultation sessions with Anna give a lot of motivation and strength”

I highly recommend Anna North­-Row’s services. Anna is a very professional, inspirational, enthusiastic women with passion and knowledge. She gave me advise and guidance which enabled me to take another look at my business. The consultation sessions with Anna give a lot of motivation and strength to act and develop my website and business.

Monika Krzepczak, Founder of Be Healthy MK, The Netherlands

“Anna is a brilliant marketing and branding advisor”

She helped me to understand my business and brand more effectively. She is dedicated, reliable with an eye for details. She always has a creative and positive outlook, is eternally upbeat and extremely passionate about her work. Anna’s approach and expertise helped me recognise a lot of positive aspects in my portfolio. I strongly recommend Anna to all entrepreneurs who want  to bring their business to the next level and market themselves to their ideal clients.

Alena Hielema, Life & Business Coach, The Netherlands

“Anna is trustworthy and very precise in her work”

I would like to recommend Anna North-Row’s services due to all the work she has done for my business. Anna is trustworthy and very precise in her work. She is creative and has a lot of good ideas for her clients. She listens very well to what the wishes of her clients are and then offers several solutions. Anna has a lot of knowledge and is definitely a good party to work with.

I’m very happy with the work Anna has done for my business and surely will be working with her again in the future!

Cassandra La Cruz, Fashion Designer, The Netherlands

” Anna knows her business.”

Before my consultations with Anna I had not a clue how to do social media for business purposes and needed more information about branding. My main concern also was if I could explain exactly what I need, if we understand each other. However I’m glad to notice that Anna knows her business. She is also very enthusiastic and realy realy kind, it was nice to work with her.

If you want a kind people to work with and one who can explain you a lot about branding and social media, choose Anna!

Deborah, Founder of Vindustrial, The Netherlands

“With Anna’s help, I undertook several ways to promote my company and it worked!”

When I just started my catering service I found it hard to advertise and promote my business. A friend of mine recommended Anna North-Row and I followed her marketing consultations.

With Anna’s help, I undertook several ways to promote my company and it worked! My company grew and now is fully booked every night.

I loved working with Anna. She is enthusiastic, smart and pragmatic which motivated me to stick to the strategy. I highly recommend Anna’s marketing services to every business owner!”

Sabine, Founder of Sabine’s Good  Food, The Netherlands

“Trust me, you guys want to get on the phone with her asap.”

Hey all! If you haven’t booked your consults with Anna yet, do it! She was incredibly helpful – it was nice to get questions answered and specific direction on what I’m struggling with. Thank you Anna for your help, wisdom and encouragement! Trust me, you guys want to get on the phone with her asap.

Lori Streator, Licensed Therapist, Life Coach & Trainer, USA

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