Having a stylish, elegant and unique brand that connects and converts raving fans into sales.

A strong marketing strategy and brand identity that perfectly reflects your style, values and ethics.

Systems and tools, social media, website, blog and email marketing, working cohesively to build strong relationships with your audience.

You’re a passionate, motivated and soulful entrepreneur

but, when it comes to marketing and branding, your attempts have left you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed.

You’ve spent hours and hours trying to make your website and social media platforms sparkle (without success), and still haven’t got much audience engagement.

If the thought of one more attempt to get it right on your own makes you feel like tearing your hair out, then you’re in the right place.

We’re here to help you.


North Row Consultancy is a boutique marketing and branding company, helping female online entrepreneurs to bring style & sophistication to their online presence.

We love helping women like you to create a brand identity that attracts your ideal audience, makes you profit and gets you noticed.

Because you’re done with doing everything yourself

and you want to finally start making money.

Are you ready to create an online brand presence that connects and makes sales?

Then click the box that piques your interest below…



Begin your exciting journey to your new unique and luxe brand by choosing one of my self study courses and masterclasses. Open for enrolment now!


Bespoke programs designed especially for motivated female entrepreneurs looking for creating and up levelling their brands and businesses. Expect amazing results!


Exclusive one on one intensive sessions. Leave with actionable steps tailored to your business and that you can put into practice immediately. Your success is my success!


“I’m just in love with the outcome. Talk about a huge uplevel!”

Before I took Anna’s course, I was completely lost with how I wanted my branding to go. Well, not completely. I knew I wanted it to be gorgeous, and to somehow – miraculously – align with who I have become since starting my company. But it never occurred to me that I could actually come up with something I would expect to find on my most treasured, biz-crush websites.

I’m just in love with the outcome. Talk about a huge uplevel! Not only that, but I feel closer to myself because I’ve finally nailed down my own style. What a win!

Amanda Grossman, USA

“I now have some a much clearer idea about what my brand stands for.”

I just concluded a branding program with Anna North-Row and I highly recommend her services. I learned so much about branding during the program and also had a lot of fun!

Anna’s instructional videos and the way the program was organized made everything so much easier.

I now have some a much clearer idea about what my brand stands for and how to represent my brand in my marketing materials. Anna is the best!

Catharine Hay, USA


“ There is no greater reword than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world.”  Carlos Santana

You have your business you love and are absolutely proud of, desire and determination to achieve success. I’ve got the passion, marketing and branding knowledge, expertise and tools to help you to make your dreams come true.

Together we can make things happen!

If you are happy to have me on board on this  amazing  journey to create your beautiful business  and great online presence, please schedule your complimentary session to find out how I can support you.

 To your success!

With love and elegance,

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