About the project

It’s been a pleasure for me to work with Sarah on the branding, logo and sales page design for her Soul Deeper Memebership project.

Sarah wanted her memebrship sales page to feel different to standard sales pages. She was thinking about having some interesting, calming and surprising elements like hidden messages and symbols. As Sarah was given her members a glimpse to something what they didn’t even know was possible, she kept sensing art gallery when thinking about the sales page design of her memebership for its rich, though provoking elements.

Project design and development

Taking into consideration Sarah’s wishes, her ideal client description, brand foundations and brand essence that Sarah discovered by taking my branding course, I focused in my design process on bringing together the inspiring, stylish and spiritual feel. By choosing carefully gorgeous images from my images portfolio, subtle and feminine colour palette, beautiful fonts and graphic elements, I started bringing a mysterious, layered and yet exciting vibe to the design. To see my original design, please click below to check the gallery presenting the project.

Sarah’s feedback and testimonial

Before working with Anna, I was feeling confused on how I should present my brand. I have an interesting business and I was worried that it couldn’t translate into a design when I am so multifaceted. Anna helped me creatively see how to bring all the pieces together. It makes it easier now to design my social media posts and branding websites and brochures. I loved the ease of file sharing, video demonstrations and Anna’s beautiful nature. It always brought a smile to face receiving her communications.

Anna, I am so happy with all you have done for me. I always feel taken away on a sweet journey when I work with the elements you created for me.

All that you’ve delivered was sensational, you are gifted. Thank you with all my heart.

Sarah Winerbine, Founder of Soul Deeper Membership, Australia


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