An exclusive program that will help you to create your luxe, authentic and unique brand so you can feel confident about your business, make more money and attract your ideal clients effortlessly.



Ready for a brand presence you LOVE and DESERVE

that makes ideal clients to line up to work with you?

But the problem is…

Creating a high-end brand experience that truly reflects you

…feels like fantasy rather than a reality.

Listen in, beautiful,

does this sound like you?


Have you been trying, but failing, to infuse your personality into your branding because you’re secretly in awe of your competitors and fear you can’t live up to them?


Do you want your brand to look elegant and luxurious but instead you’ve created a concoction of styles which don’t blend, because you don’t know what graphic elements, imagery, fonts and colours to choose between?


Do you want your brand to attract your ideal client but haven’t got a clue how represent it all – like, how are you supposed to infuse your business mission, values, ethics, style, AND ethos? #truthbomb – there’s artistry and strategy involved, plus a sprinkling of magic (if you want to get it just right)?


Do you crave consistency throughout your online platforms, but your lack of strategy leads to more Pinterest pin(n)ing rather than your Paypal a-pinging!


Have you tried to create a cohesion between your personal and professional image but instead have confused your brand image by not showing up authentically and unapologetically as YOU?

There’s another way to create your brand experience,

without racking up more Creative Market purchases,

whilst saving your sanity in the process,

but to get to this point

you have to to stop “wearing all the hats” in your business.



having a brand that feels aligned to both you and your ideal client because it’s infused with your style, character and charm


having an attractive and compelling luxe brand that’s deftly conveys your brand message and converts high-paying clients


having a brand which translates your business vision and creates a consistent impression


having a brand that feels authentic and captures your personal story, with imagery that’s relatable, and speaks to their love of a luxurious lifestyle and business


not having to do your branding all by yourself, so you can get back to your OWN job, and get on with your business and personal life (shopping and coffee included)

Are you ready to put yourself and your brand first?

Because the thought of another wasted month fills you dread.



An exclusive program that will help you to create your luxe, authentic and unique brand so you can feel confident about your business, make more money and attract your ideal clients effortlessly.

Elegant Branding is a program designed for Female Entrepreneurs like YOU who are willing to take action and design the luxe brand of their dreams aligned with their values, aspirations and personality.

The brand that is authentic, elegant and stylish and attracts their dreams clients. YOU are your brand!



Clarity & Guidance

Re-evaluate your current brand and dive deep into your new one.

Consistency Throughout

Learn how to achieve a cohesive and consistent brand.

Exquisite & Unique Brand

Choose your brand elements for the best luxury look

Luxurious Feel & Look

Create your stylish visual Social Media and website strategy to shine online.

Goergous Design

Learn how to create beautiful graphics for your Social Media platforms.

Authentic Brand

Find out how to attract your dream clients effortlessly.




Your Brand Foundations

In Module 1 you will build strong foundations for your high end brand by:

:: defining what is your 'why' in life

:: defining your core values and feelings

:: discovering your key elements that set you and your brand apart

:: defining your brand personality and message


Your Visual Brand Identity

In the Module 2 you will:

:: learn how to pull together your visual brand elements and apply them into your  brand

:: discover and choose the right brand elements for your website/blog and social media (logo, colour, fonts, icons, patterns, etc.), with my tips where to actually find them and how to apply them

:: learn how to style your website/blog and social media in order to create a cohesive and high-end look throughout your online presence


Your Premium Brand And Social Media Styling

In the Module 3 you will:

:: create a cohesive visual identity and brand that is aligned with your core values and your brand essence

:: create your visual reference for designing or re-branding your website, blog and social media graphics

:: learn how to style your website/blog and social media


Key Strategies To Attract Your Dream Clients

In the Module 4 you will:

:: find out what sets you apart and how it can help you to find customers

:: optimize your brand and website in order to support you through your copy and website structure

:: learn how to create a sales page that sells

:: find out how Social Media strategy can help you in attracting your dream clients

:: my best marketing tips for attracting your ideal clients


CANVA Design Course

CANVA design course that will help you to create your social media graphics and marketing material. Already know Canva? Excellent, expect some advanced design tips



“I’m just in love with the outcome. Talk about a huge uplevel!”

Before I took Anna’s course, I was completely lost with how I wanted my branding to go. Well, not completely. I knew I wanted it to be gorgeous, and to somehow – miraculously – align with who I have become since starting my company. But it never occurred to me that I could actually come up with something I would expect to find on my most treasured, biz-crush websites.

I’m just in love with the outcome. Talk about a huge uplevel! Not only that, but I feel closer to myself because I’ve finally nailed down my own style. What a win!

Amanda Grossman, USA

“I would summarise the experience as excellent.”

Before I joined the Elegant Branding program I was unsure about brand identity and target market. Anna helped me to clarify both of those. Anna’s teaching style was very relaxed and empowering. The Facebook group was helpful, videos were great and our one-on-one consultation was priceless. I would summarise the experience as excellent.

If you are looking to build a brand with ease and excellence with wonderful support, this is a program for you!

Dr. Michelle Levitt, USA

“The whole experience of the Elegant Branding program was a pleasure.”

It was a great program. I was able to create my brand board and started producing content easier. I loved all of the feedback I was getting.

I would like to recommend the course to those that want to learn how to be in charge of their brand.

Nevena Zhurkova, Canada

The Elegant Branding Programme is currently closed for enrolment. Be the first to know when it’s open again by joining the waiting list.


Hi, I’m Anna North-Row and I’m here to help you to bring sophistication, style and sparkle to your online presence so you can get more sales and start attracting the right clients effortlessly.

As an International Marketing and Branding Strategist, Luxe Brand Stylist and Business Advisor, I combine my 16 years of work experience, strategies, design and expertise into working with my clients. I show you step by step “how” to get the results you desire.

By running my own business as well as designing, building and developing websites in WordPress, I know exactly what works, what doesn’t and what mistakes to avoid. Trust me, I know how it feels to do everything by yourself without any help. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m here to help you.

Do you know that you have only three seconds to make a positive first impression when your ideal client visits your website and online space? Let’s make it to be the best impression your visitor can get!



A BONUS power hour visual brand identity audit call with Anna, an e-book about design elements and visual brand identity and audit worksheet will help you to discover what works on your website, what doesn’t and what needs to be improved.

Value: $197


A BONUS set of 9 stock photos created by Anna North-Row to help you (visually) communicate with your target audience. Use them across your social media profiles for a feminine touch.

Value: $27


A BONUS Brand Story Strategy Hour with Sharon Woodcock to identify the story behind your brand so you can powerfully connect with your audience.

Value $197

“Before the program I didn’t feel like I had much of a brand. I chose a couple of colors I liked to use on my website, but other than that, I hadn’t done much around branding. I really wanted my brand to stand out and convey the message of my business across my website, social media, etc.

I really learned a lot from the program, not to mention all of the branding materials I ended up creating which I am very excited about. I can’t wait to use them! I enjoyed the course and it was easy to create everything using the instructional videos. Additionally, I really liked the extra resources that were provided to help with creating a brand message with which I am very happy.

What was my favorite part of Elegant Branding? Wow! That is a hard one because I liked all of it. My absolute favorite part was creating the Brand Style Design Guide and the social media materials. In regards to this, the videos were extremely helpful. I really love Anna’s elegant style. It really resonated with me. I also enjoyed talking with her very much during our consultation. She is a very warm and caring person. I really liked the program Anna used to organize the course. I also liked the way she actually created materials in the videos so I knew exactly what to do and how the finished product should look. I really appreciated that Anna was always very timely in providing support. It was a really good experience. I got a lot out of the course. I also had a lot of fun (sometimes, I didn’t want to return to my regular work!) and really loved that I ended up with all of these branding materials that are ready to use.

The program met more than my expectations and I would highly recommend it to other business owners.”

Catharine Hay, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my time do I need to invest in the programme?

It all depends on you and how much time you are willing to spend and commit to the programme. My clients achieve great results after investing about 3-5 hours per week, but it's highly individual. Please note that apart from the consultations with me, there will be homework and assignments that will help you to build your beautiful brand, but you will work on it in your own time.

I don't have a website yet, can I participate in the programme?

Yes! My programme is designed for female entrepreneurs who are going to create and have already created their online presence, but are not happy with the results and feel disconnected with it. If you are seriously thinking about building your online presence (website/blog or Social Media platforms), I'm absolutely sure you will find inspiration, strategies and tools that will help you to do so. Oh, have I mentioned you would save a lot of time and money long-term? 🙂

How do I know that this programme is for me?

If you have any doubts or I have not answered your objections yet, I offer you to schedule your free complementary call to find out more about the programme. During the call I hope to answer all your questions, we will get to know each other better and will check if we are a good fit to work with each other. Here is a link to book a call:  https://bookme.name/AnnaNorthRow/discovery-call

Do you offer a payment plan?

There is no instalment plant for a self study LUXE option, however I offer a payment plan (two monthly instalments) to support the VIP option.

Do you offer the refund?

Due to the digital character of the product you're purchasing and immediate access to it, we cannot issue a refund. However, if you don't access the course platform after purchasing, a refund can be issued within 14 days.

“I would like to recommend the program to anyone who is looking to build a luxury/elegant brand.”

Before I joined the Elegant Branding program, I was lost in a sea of free information with not really much direction or proper knowledge on how to tie my branding and marketing together so that it is cohesive and communicates my message to my audience. I had my vision of what I wanted my brand to be but couldn’t quite work out how to get the vision from my head onto the screen.

With Anna’s support I was able to dig deeper to really define my target market, what makes my business unique and how to specifically build my brand around those things. Overall I feel like Anna went into great detail on visual branding and really getting down and defining who my target market is and how to target them. Our one on one consultations were really helpful and Anna is very knowledgeable. I feel that having the private consultation was a very personable experience giving me the opportunity to have an in depth discussion on any problem areas I was facing rather than just via email. And then wrapping the course up with strategies on attracting my dream clients brought everything together nicely.

Anna is amazing and has a lot of knowledge in her field and that her program Elegant Branding really helps you to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ branding is so important for your business as well as helps you discover in detail how to put your image and message of your business together. I would like to recommend the program to anyone who is looking to build a luxury/elegant brand.

Anna O’Shae, Australia

The Elegant Branding Programme is currently closed for enrolment. Be the first to know when it’s open again by joining the waiting list.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If I didn’t answer all of them, feel free to contact me anytime.

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